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Hi Linda
I just wanted to let you know what a smart, sweet and adorable puppy Halle is. I teach a vegetarian coking class once a month at my church. My class all heard about Halle and wanted to meet her so I brought her to class this week. She was the most well behaved puppy!!! She sat on one of the ladies lap and chewed her toy the whole hour. Everyone fussed over her and tow of the ladies want a Havanese now. I get that reaction everywhere I take her. I just can't express how much I love her. I tell her every day how much God has blessed me with her. So THANK YOU for such a proffesional breeding program you have!!!
E. Kaufman, GA

Linda –
I just wanted to give you an update on Rusty. He is doing very well! We are having so much fun with him. He has learned to sit, lie down and stay. He is pretty smart and eager to please. His housebreaking is coming along too. I switched him over to Orijen as you suggested and he loves it. I even use the kibble as treats for his learning but not to exceed his daily limit. I did buy the Nature's Variety chicken patties and he loves that too. He is a wonderful dog with a gentle temperament. I've attached a picture of him. Thank you again Linda and I hope you are doing well.
Mary S

Linda –
Two years ago I met our puppy at the airport. As you had assured me, she was perfectly fine after the long journey to New Jersey. Although our dog is white with a caramel spot, our daughter named her Licorice. Licorice is has been a wonderful addition to our family. She was housebroken within a matter of weeks and follows commands. It is clear that she is very intelligent. She is great with my daughter and now that the weather is nice they spend a good deal of time playing fetch in the backyard. Whenever we bring her into the vet for a check-up, he comments on how healthy and well-bred she appears. She really is wonderful. Thank you for breeding such healthy and special dogs. With warm regards,

I know it must break your heart to have to let the puppies go...there's no way you can't get attached to them. Rest assured, though, that your pup is in a home where she'll be well cared for and loved forever, so you need never give a thought to her welfare. If anyone asks me about adopting a Havanese puppy, sight unseen, I would not hesitate to recommend you, as the pup is everything you stated. She seems to be perfectly healthy, very intelligent, and has the personality and other traits I was looking for in a pet. She is definitely content to be a lap dog, which is what I wanted, and is either always there or sitting at my feet if she's not playing with Piper. I'll email you a photo soon. As for the pup's name, I thought I had already settled on one, but my grown kids exerted their unqualified democratic rights and outvoted me. Right now, we're considering the name, "Gidget", which does kind of suit her, in a way.

I'll keep you posted occasionally on how she's doing.
T he pup did not seem to be traumatized or disturbed in any way from the flight. She took right to my husband and me, and is the friendliest, sweetest little thing. She has the perfect personality for me, and is exactly what I was looking for, though I'm afraid before when it's all over with, I'm going to be fighting my husband for the right to claim her. I've caught him talking "baby talk" to her, and if you knew my husband, you'd understand why that is noteworthy. lol. I'm ashamed to admit that I let her sleep with me the first night (I just couldn't help myself). She was a great little bedfellow, and when I woke the next a.m., she had wrapped her little body around my head. It was hard but I forced myself to begin letting her sleep right beside my bed in her own little kennel with her snugglepuppie, and she does just fine.
Thanks again. Deborah

Hi Linda

I wanted to send you a picture of our little guy and let you know how much we love him! Griffin comes to school 3 days a week (I am a school counselor/social worker). I have my own office and he has settled in beautifully. My husband stays home 2 mornings a week, and Griffin has about 2 hours before I get home alone. So he is with us all but 4 hours a week. He is learning to potty train, and his best dog friend is our 115 pound Great Pyrenees. Our children adore him and he has been just a joyful addition to our home. He is now 7.5 lbs ( he was 4.5 when he arrived) and is thriving. Thank you for producing such a wonderful little dog. I am sure we'll be in contact again for another down the road. Best,


Good morning, Linda

Our darling arrived several hours late, but he seemed no worse for the wear. We did not get home until after 12:30. He did not soil his crate, The minute we opened the door he garnished lots of kisses to the children who had no idea what we were picking up at the airport. They adore him. He is going to be a fantastic family pet and therapy dog. He is truly perfect.

He slept most of the night on top of me. What a snuggler. On a last note, yesterday was 2 years to the day that we lost our favorite cocker spaniel. This little guy has the same gentle, mellow loving spirit as our Winston. Thank you for your dedication to this breed and your obvious high quality care of your animals. I feel very lucky to have found you. We'll forward pictures. Enjoy the holiday!
J. Jones

It has been a long time, since Noel will be 8 years old on December 31 this year. I just wanted to tell you that Noel continues to be a total joy to me and to everyone who walks through my door. She is totally a creature of love. She gives and absorbs love in great abundance!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is good to see that you are being recognized in competition with your dogs! You certainly deserve to be recognized because your dogs reflect the loving, consistent and stable environment of your kennel!
Wishing you continued success….I think of you very often when Noel and I are playing, especially when we play the game where Noel is the baby and lays her head on my shoulder while I pat her tummy…that is a part of our early morning routine while I am having my first cup of coffee. I am very grateful that Noel got her start in an environment where she learned she could trust the people around her…she reflects that environment daily as guest come and go from our home.
S Mauldin


Hi Linda!

Long time no see. I hope all is well with you and life is treating you well. I wanted to let you know that Mason will be turning 2 1/2 years old on Aug 8th. He's been a blessing in my life and I can't tell you how thankful I am that you sold him to me. He's so amazing and smart, lovable, loyal, playful, and knows between 10 to 12 family members by name. I just say the name and he knows who to go to. It's so neat. I love him dearly! I take him everywhere I go and he never misses a beat. : ) He's a member of our family and I would do anything for the little guy to insure he's happy and healthy at all times. Thank you so much for everything you did. He's the best dog I have ever had in all my life! Here's some updated pictures of him at our vacation home near Lake Tahoe. Enjoy
Mandy, Paul & Mason


Now I see why all the owners of your dogs are so complimentary of you. You definitely have gone the extra mile for me, and I want you to know how much I appreciate you.

The diet was a little confusing for me, especially since there are so many choices. I presume I'll keep puppy on the Bil-Jac for 2-3 weeks, and, as you suggest, gradually wean him either to the Orijen puppy food, or get all the products on your list and mix them. As I told you earlier, I do have the Grizzly Salmon Oil, all the grooming products and the Bil-Jac puppy food. Tonight I am going to assemble the exercise pen I purchased. What fun I am having!

My puppy's health and well-being is most important to me. I have received my copy of See Spot Live Longer, and have gradually filled my home with all the paraphernalia required (and some not required - just luxuries) to make a happy and safe place for my little boy. He is already spoiled and I haven't even held him yet!

Thank you again for your prompt and thorough response(s)!

I just wanted to let you know that we love or puppy. We ended up naming him Tanner because he has tan ears. He is so good! And he is well loved. We play go, go, go, where he chases me or I chase him around the kitchen, family room. He potties out doors or on papers. It is so cold here and he is sneezing a little tonight, so I am not going to take him out tonight. I am feeding him a mix of the two puppy chows you recommended with a little freeze dried liver and a spritz or two of the salmon oil. He does not whine or bark, except when he is playing or because his feet are cold. It is funny watching him try to stand on no legs because the ground is cold. I always warm him up, but I think I need to get him booties and a sweater. He is a gem and I thank you from the bottom of my heart because I can tell he was raised with love. The visit to the vet went really well and he got his final distemper shot and will get his rabbi shot at the next visit. I have taken him to my office three times and everyone remarks on how good he is. He is not bothered by people gushing over him or petting him, and he prances around, but does not make any noise.


Just a quick note to let you know how well Peanut is doing. He is now 13 weeks old. We are loving him up and he is a doll. I really had no idea how much I would adore him. My heart just melts when he gives me the "Mommy" look! He and our Border Terrier Chloe cannot get enough of each other. In fact Chloe has slimmed down from her once pudgy frame as they play together so much. He is so clever and loves to train and learn tricks. He knows sit, down, roll over, spin, give paw, ring bell, and he just learned the "bang I'm dead" trick, lol.
I've attached a picture of our "Fluffer Nutter" with the kids. He is just a joy. Thanks so much.
S Levesque


Hi Linda,
Little Rockport Yankee ("Rocky") is the sweetest dog we've ever known. He's healthy and happy, loving Puppy Pre-School and being part of the family. Our grown-up boys and their wives adore him. Many thanks for sending us this dear little dog. Many thanks and Happy Thanksgiving,
B. Bates

Hi Linda,
Just wanted to let you know how my new little buddy is doing! This the most incredible little guy. He is so wonderful,. I decided I wanted to litter train him and how easy that has been. He now has the full run of the house because he never misses going in his litter box. I have one on all floors so he doesn't have to travel up and down the steps to use it. Can't believe how easy he was to train, but it is wonderful not to have to take him out all the time. Especially today, as it has rained cats and dogs all day. He also sits when told to, he shakes paws, and he fetches his ball and drops it in my hand. I think he would do absolutely anything for the Bil-Jac litter treats. lol He went back to the vet and got his shots this week and he was a trooper. Such a wonderful little puppy. I walk him every morning and he loves it. We walk 1/2 mile to a mile in the mornings and every evening we walk 2 to 3 miles. I usually carry him the last mile. lol He is good at telling me when he needs to stop. He just lays down. lol He is so precious. I have given your web sight to a couple of different people. Everyone is crazy about him. I comb him every morning and again when we go to bed at night.

He loves attention and sits and barks at me if I am ignoring him and he wants to play. lol..
He has a pair of doggles, (sunglasses and he looks adorable in them) He wears them everywhere and people are so surprised that he leaves them on but he does. He has been to South Carolina and back twice now, and we are leaving for North Carolina on Thursday, then off to Indiana the end of August. He is a great little traveler. I have a really great car seat for him and he just sits there and looks out or sleeps. I am just so crazy about this little one. I was going to name him Baxter, but when he got here, I decided he was a Sammy. So his name is Sammy and he knows it well. He makes friends everywhere we go. This little guy has eyelashes to die for. His favorite play toys are squeak toys and he slams them around to make them squeak. He is truly a little clown who has everyone laughing at all of his silliness. Thank for such a wonderful puppy. He has so much love to give and he's such a happy little guy. You don't just raise puppies to love, you raise puppies with love. Thank you again. Am sending a couple of pics for you to see.
L Carnes

Hi Linda
HE'S FINALLY HERE!!! And oh my goodness, he is gorgeous. I am so impressed with his appearance. So healthy, so soft, so beautiful. He is resting and them we are off to the vet's in a couple of hours. As soon as I got him, he didn't move at all, and I was so concerned. But as soon as I got him outside, and put him down in the grass, he at first just stood there, then he just came alive. Wiggling and bouncing, and just so happy to finally be out of that cage. lol,..He is a ball of cuteness and I can't wait to show him off. Thank you so so much for this wonderful little puppy, I will send pics as he grows. Linda, thank you. Lenetta

Hi Linda,
Bella arrived on time and all is well. Thank you again for the fabulous care that you have given us in regard to our new puppy. You even included collar and leash! Your thorough information from "A to Z " is most appreciated. We will send you some photos soon. All the best,
The Hamm Family (with our newest member, Bella)


Just a very quick note to thank you for stressing a holistic diet for your puppies. I started following your directions as soon as we got Dakota for both her and our 7 pound Maltese. It has been so good not worrying about our "babies" while all the dog food recalls have been going on. What sweet little puppies you produce! She is a darling. We love her coloring and get so many comments on both her sweetness and her beauty.
D Wheasler

Thank you for the very helpful information, I am following all your directions now. I can't thank you enough for your help & for breeding such a perfect dog!!!!! Five of my friends in my neighborhood have gotten their Havanese from you & they are all perfect, 2 of my friends got their Havanese from a pet store, even though we said NO, & there is such a huge difference, they now admit there is a difference. Their personalities, characteristics & they all have training problems, not to mention they are again we thank you so much & I will keep in touch with you. warmly,
penny yegelwel



Hi Linda -
Niko and I had a big day yesterday @ the vet..........boy was he a champ!!!
Dr Sara spent well over an hour with us examining him & discussing your guidance & reco's . I know she is good because she agreed with you 100% on everything - and I do mean everything!!!! Here's his DR report:

He is in absolutely great shape weighing in @ 3.8lbs. Sara was very complimentary on the feeding program, and mentioned on several occasions that Innova is without a doubt the best food available on the market. Equally important is the Grizzly Salmon Oil.
She does NOT and will NOT vaccinate for Leptospriosis Corona or Lyme disease. He did get his second round of Distemper & Parvo..and microchip. Appt was made in 3 weeks for additional shots. She is very strict when it comes to socialization i.e...NO puppy classes , walks around the neighborhood, dog parks etc. until has received ALL of his shots. This is just fine as I have a large back yard and many rooms where we can play and run. She agreed w/ you on letting him graze throughout the day - so he is now grazing until 4-6 months old. She even compliment his bite - said it was "beautiful"

Niko has been just a joy, his personality is really starting to come out. He's a funny little boy, not to mention determined. Potty training is going pretty well. Yes we have had a few accidents - which is to be expected. The last 2 evenings he has slept from 10:30pm until around 4:00am before he wakes up to go out. He loves the crate you shipped him in, consequently that has become the nighttime bed along with snuggle puppy and a toy. Speaking of snuggle puppy - He LUVS LUVS LUVS it. He drags it around, uses it as a pillow, sleeps with it and plays with it. Everyone laughed at me when I told them about this....I have now purchased 1 for a friend and have told many new owners about this. I seriously think this should be part of your contractual agreement.
Second to Mr Snuggles would be lambs ears and bully sticks...third would be a squeaky bear. He is just starting to grasp the fetch return game.

Oh - I almost forgot - He is ever so proud of himself when he finishes his "business"- he now walks immediately to the back door, puts his paws on the step waiting for me to pick him up and carry him in. What a hoot!! Everyday is a new adventure. When I get a chance I'll take some pics & forward them onto you.

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