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Prairiwind Havanese Purchase Agreement
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Buyer Representation


This agreement is made between Linda Wanamaker (Breeder) and ______________ (Buyer) for one puppy Red with white markings  (x) Pet Dog by Sire  Almendares Pino AKC # TS16603102, Cerf # HAV- EYE991/16M-PI and Dam  Ch Prairiwind’s Velvet N Lace AKC #TR91012601, Cerf # HAV- EYE1118/61F-VPI  born on  ________________

Terms and Conditions

The Buyer is subject to all terms and conditions set forth below and as follows:   The Buyer agrees that he/she is not acting as or in part of any agent in the purchase of this puppy and that the Buyer will not sell the puppy or any of its progeny, whether accidentally or deliberately produced to any agent, animal broker or pet store., nor any group or person for use as a prize, bonus or incentive.  The Buyer agrees to provide a warm and safe environment, provide food and water, and seek a veterinarian if needed for the dog to live a happy normal life.  The Buyer agrees to take the puppy to the vet of their choice within 48 hours of acquiring it from the breeder.  If satisfied by the Veterinary report, to retain possession and thereafter hold the breeder blameless and not liable for any further medical condition of the animal.  If NOT satisfied, the animal is to be returned to the breeder within (2) two days from the exam.  The Buyer also agrees that in the event of death in 48 hours, the puppy is to be taken to a vet for an autopsy.  If the death is proven to be due to a genetic illness or an illness contracted while in the Seller’s care, the puppy will be replaced and autopsy expense refunded.   If the dog dies of a genetic illness within 5 years of its birth date, the dog will be replaced as soon as a replacement puppy is available to the breeder.  All above claims will only be honored with written documentation from a licensed veterinarian.   I do NOT guarantee any health related issues or loss of life due to reactions caused by vaccinations or flea and tick preparations administered either orally or on the skin surface.  I do NOT give Leptospriosis or Corona Virus to my puppies.   Havanese can be sensitive especially to Lepto and Lyme disease vaccines.


Conformation & Limited Registration

All reasonable efforts were taken to produce a litter that conforms to the current AKC Havanese Breed Standard. This puppy is being sold as pet/companion quality and it shall be understood that at the time of sale, this animal is NOT considered to be of show or breeding quality, but is representative of the breed and is structurally and temperamentally suited as a pet.   This dog is being sold on a "limited registration," which means that he/she should NOT be bred, and no litters produced by the breeding of this animal will be accepted by the American Kennel Club for registration. If the Breeder has not done so before the time of sale, this dog must be spayed/neutered between the ages of nine (9) to twelve (12) months at the Buyer's expense.  The Breeders/Sellers will hold the AKC registration papers until all terms of this contract, including the spay/neuter requirement, have been fully met. After the dog is spayed/neutered and the Buyer has furnished the Breeder/Seller with a Veterinary Certificate of Sterilization, the Breeders/Sellers will mail the AKC registration papers to Buyer.

Purchase Information

In consideration for the fee of __$_______________, dollars, to be paid by CASHIERS CHECK, MONEY ORDER OR PAYPAL before puppy leaves Breeder/Seller.  (DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING CHARGES).   In the event a deposit was made and there is not a puppy available due to an unforeseen circumstance, then the deposit will be refunded. Deposits are non-refundable.   If Breeder/Seller has not received balance due before the puppy is 7 weeks old, deposit will be forfeited and puppy will be sold to someone else, unless a prior agreement was reached between Buyer and Seller.


Prairiwind Havanese Purchase Agreement
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Relinquishment of Puppy

The Buyer hereby agrees that, if at any time the Buyer cannot take proper care of the dog as described above, the Buyer must contact the Breeder. The Breeder will have first choice to either (a) take the dog back and/or (b) assist the Buyer in finding a suitable home for the dog.  Neither of these two options guarantees that the Buyer will recover all of the
purchase price. This dog is never to be turned over to Havanese Rescue or any other type of rescue, pound or humane society and Buyer agrees that by doing so, the Sellers will impose a fine of $1,500 on Buyer to be donated to Havanese Rescue. 


This contract is to be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington.  If for any reason legal action is to be taken on either side, all legal proceedings and litigation must take place in the State of Washington,    If any provision of this document is invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, this document shall be ineffective to the extent of such invalidity only and shall remain in full force and effect otherwise, without affecting the remaining provisions. 

Buyer Information



Phone # ________________ (hm)  _________________(cell)___

Email: ________________________________________________


I have read the above Contract and fully understand the terms of this Contract and the 48 hour guarantee.  By signing this document and returning it with the deposit, you agree that you have read and fully understand all the terms and conditions set in above contract. NO VARIATIONS ARE ACCEPTED UNLESS IN WRITING AND AGREED UPON AND SIGNED BY BOTH BUYER AND SELLER.  Please send the deposit and signed contract as soon as possible as I do not consider the puppy sold until I have the deposit in hand.   Please do not send a personal check for the final payment as I cannot ship the puppy until the check clears the bank, which could take up to 10 days to clear.


Signature of Buyer: ______________________________________________________________



Signature of Breeder: _____________________________________________________________

Date: ___________________________________



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